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Watch out. There are sharks about!

Buying the cheapest possible car insurance (try cheapest car insurance site is the aim of the majority of motorists but it is a minefield. Buying car insurance is not just a legal requirement, it is to protect you from the possibility of having to pay out potentially enormous sums if you have an accident and it is judged to be your fault. It's vital therefore that not only do you pay as little as possible for your insurance, but also that you make sure that you are properly covered.

It is a sometimes a jungle out there. Insurance scams are everywhere. Have you seen a Google ad promising the lowest possible insurance rates? You may have clicked on one of these, and ended up on a website which assured you of the cheapest rates on Earth, and gave you a phone number to ring. You rang the number, gave a few details to a charming person on the other end of the number and was given an unbelievable quote.

You gave your credit card details, and then the guy says 'sorry but your card has failed. Can you pay by bank transfer instead or send the money to us in cash'? The prices is so low that you do as you are asked and a short while later you are sent your policy.

A few weeks later you are driving down the road when you are flagged down by a police officer in a patrol car. He asks to see your insurance details. You show him your policy, he tells you that it is a forgery, and that you are not insured. A short while later your car is taken off to a police pound. You receive a charge of driving without insurance.

One of two things now happen. Either you get a policy which covers you for an impounded car; these are very expensive; and you get the car out the pound. Alternatively you can't afford to do this. You car is then confiscated by the police and they either sell it or crush it for scrap.

A few weeks later you have to appear in court charged with driving without insurance. You explain the situation to the magistrates. They are very sympathetic but they convict you anyway. The fact is, that driving without insurance is what they call an 'absolute offence'. In other words, you are either insured or you are not. There are no excuses.

They don't fine you a great deal but you still get six points on your driving licence.

In the meanwhile the 'insurance company' you dealt with has disappeared, having fleeced possibly hundreds of other motorists of their hard earned cash. You complain to Google who completely wash their hands of the whole affair.

The moral is; the cheapest isn't always the best. And if it is too good to be true, then it probably isn't true at all.

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